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[MWC 2014] Nvidia announces the Tegra NOTE 7 LTE, their Tegra tablet now with LTE goodness.

Nvidia has announced that they have brought LTE to their Tegra NOTE tablet family in the form of a new one called the Nvidia Tegra NOTE 7 LTE. This new version of the company’s tablet isn’t a whole lot different from the regular Tegra NOTE 7 device aside from the one major addition of LTE support.

With this new support for LTE and HSPA+ connectivity, the Tegra NOTE 7 LTE tablet can be used on most of the popular carrier worldwide now. This new tablet still has all the features of the original one as well, featuring a Tegra 4 processor, the stylus, TegraZone access for Tegra enhanced games and so on.

So if you wanted one of these tablets but didn’t really want the Wifi-only version, you can now pick up this LTE version instead. These new tablets start at $299 in price instead of the $199 and up the Wifi-only versions sell for.

Website Referenced: Nvidia Blog

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