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[MWC 2014] Vexia combines a phone and a tablet into one unit… sort of… and it isn’t a phablet

Vexia is at Mobile World Congress 2014 showing off a rather unique product that is an Android phone and tablet in one unit but this isn’t a phablet. Instead it is actually a tablet that also has a small phone unit that comes along with it, allowing you to have the functionality that comes with a 7″ tablet but the ability to also make calls and other functions that require a phone.

The phone part of this device is small, so it isn’t like you’re carrying two full-sized devices or anything like that. Sure this really isn’t gaming related but it is a pretty unique little gadget nevertheless. Of course you could also be playing games while on the phone using this setup.

It would be even better if the phone somehow slide into the tablet so you’re only carrying one unit, except for when you’re using the phone of course. Unfortunately we aren’t at Mobile World Congress 2014 but PocketGamer is and they snapped this unique device on video, check it out above.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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