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Google will be increasing security for apps and games installed outside of Google Play

Google has always allowed apps and games to be installed outside of Google Play, it is one of the perks of being an Android user. However security for this sort of feature has always been more based around user awareness rather than software-based security. There is the one-time verifying of installing an app or game outside of Google Play but it doesn’t go much further than that.

This means if you do install games and apps outside of Google Play, you have to trust where you’re getting them from and for the security conscience out there, it also means running a security program on your device like Lookout Security. Google, however, is stepping things up a little bit over the next few weeks with enhancing the protective measures for those apps / games that you install from external sources.

The new system that is coming soon acts a lot like the constant scanning of programs like Lookout Security which constantly keeps watch over the activities going on with your Android device, blocking the ones that it spots as being suspicious. Google’s new security measures will scan and keep watch over these apps and games installed outside of Google Play. If anything happens that looks suspicious, it will be notify you so you can get rid of it.

As for how this will affect our very soon launch of our Indie Android game store, it won’t. We will be curating everything but it is always good to know that just in case we, or any other third party store, misses anything that you will still be protected.

Website Referenced: CNet

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