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Kemco releases a new RPG onto Android called Rusted Emeth, complete with Golem riding

Kemco has released a new RPG onto Google Play called Rusted Emeth and in this new game you’ll be riding Golems and taking down Bounty Targets, or special monsters, while you hunt for the truth about how your town got destroyed.

While the storyline of Rusted Emeth doesn’t stray too far from the tried and true ‘my village or town got destroyed and thus I must find out the truth as to why this happened and inadvertently save the world’ type of story, Kemco always makes sure that each title has some new features that their previous ones did not. In this case it is the Bounty Target system which has players running into special monsters who are tougher than the normal ones out there.

You’ll use your Golem to defeat these Bounty Targets and gain better rewards and XP. Like all of Kemco’s games, this is a turn-based RPG where you’ll have a party of allies to help you along with finding out the truth behind the Emeth Banshees. Your Golem on the other hand can be customized with different load-outs and equipment to take on harder opponents.

Rusted Emeth is available on Google Play for $3.99. While this is a paid game, there are optional IAPs involved but they do not restrict the game. You can play through it entirely once you’ve purchased it.

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