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Microsoft wants to bring as much of Xbox Live to Android as possible

We already have the Xbox One SmartGlass application which allows people to access their Xbox Live account and do a few things like tweak your avatar or experience second-screen gaming on select Xbox One titles. We knew it wouldn’t be long before this was expended and more of Xbox Live would become more available through your Android device. This is exactly what Microsoft has announced today.

According to the report, Microsoft wants to bring as much of the Xbox Live service to Android (and iOS) devices. To do this, Microsoft is apparently building an entire platform for cross-platform access with Xbox Live. Part of how this will work is making it easier for developers to integrate Xbox Live into their games and applications which will be achieved by having fewer restrictions and better tools for game developers to use.

While details on what exactly will be included with this expansion of the Xbox Live service to mobile devices are not exactly known just yet, Microsoft wants to bring as much of it as they can to Android and iOS. Achievements, leaderboard and other features are pretty obvious but we could even see cross-platform gaming as well, more than just a second-screen feature.

This would put Xbox Live in direct competition with Google Play Games in a lot of way when it comes to developer interest in using one of those services for their upcoming titles.

Website Referenced: The Verge

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