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Two website owners plead guilty to distributing pirating mobile apps and games

Well here is something that marks a first of its kind so far. Two website owners have plead guilty to distributing pirated mobile apps and games, obviously of the Android variety, and will be sentenced in the near future. These convictions mark the first time this sort of action has taken place against website who distribute mobile apps and games that are pirated.

Florida residents Nicholas A. Narbone, 26, and Thomas A. Dye, 21, are both are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement. Their website was called AppBucket which apparently distributed more than 1 million copies of pirated apps and games. The cost of those copies exceeds $700,000 in value. These two guys were not the only ones running the site but are the only two who have plead guilty so far.

These mark the first convictions secured by the Justice Department against those who illegally distribute counterfeit mobile apps. The Criminal Division has made fighting intellectual property crime a top priority, and these convictions demonstrate our determination to prosecute those who undermine the innovations of others in new technologies. – David A. O’Neil of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division and the Department

Both men will be sentenced on June 12th and could face up to five years in prison is the courts throw the book at them, which they will, since they will want to make an exampleof them.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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