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New open-source Android gaming console Equiso Play now up on Kickstarter

There are plenty of Android-powered game consoles already out for consumers to get their hands on and another one up on Kickstarter called Equiso Play. This new one definitely has the potential to be a great product from what we’ve seen of it already.

Hardware-wise the Equiso Play has some pretty promising stats although we do see some room for improvement. One interesting piece of hardware is the inclusion of two Wifi chips for much more responsive gameplay. You can also hook this console up via Ethernet as well if you want to.

As for the rest of the hardware and software, here is what we are looking at:

– 2.0 Ghz Cortex A-9 r-4 with 1mb L2 cache
– 8-core Mali 450 GPU running at 600MHz
– All the ports you would want including 2 USB ports and a Micro USB port, MicroSD, HDMI 4.1 for 1080p, Optical Audio port, 3.5mm audio port
– Bluetooth 4.0
– 8GB flash storage
– 1GB of DDR3 RAM 32bit channel
– Android 4.4 Kitkat and completely open source (hack away!)

Looking at the hardware specs we are sure you can see where we would hope improvements will come to the Equiso Play. 8GB Flash storage is alright since there is a MicroSD slot, although 16GB would be better. Also 1GB of RAM, DDR3 or not, is a bit low. 2GB would be better of course or if they want to really challenge the leader of the console scene, the Mad Catz MOJO console, up the RAM even higher. The good news is there is also an Elite version of the Equiso Play which has these upgrades as well as 4K video streaming.

It would be nice to see the Equiso Play have the Elite version’s specs while the Equiso Play Elite have some boundry pushing specs with hardware. However Equiso is on the right track to actually becoming a contender in the Android console market. With a few tweaks we could see a new leader. You can learn more about the Equiso Play off of the console’s official website.

Official Website: Equiso Play

Kickstarter Page: Equiso Play Kickstarter

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