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Google Maps Pokemon-themed April Fools joke is cruel yet well played

So, today is April 1st and like any April 1st, everyone can be your enemy and play tricks on you. Trust no one and nothing you read is a pretty good motto for the day. Google knows there’s a lot of Pokemon fans out there and one of their pranks this year is a well played stab at the Pokemon community by giving them a dream only to crush it.

It’s a hunt for Pokemon using Google Maps and what makes this joke so cruel is that you know that not just Pokemon fans, but even the curious, desperately would want this to be actually true. There’s even a shot of Virtual Reality goodies in there, at least that is what the trailer tells you.

The trailer is actually pretty entertaining, showing people scrambling up mountain faces, racing through deserts, and fishing for water-based Pokemon. Check out the video above, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’s April Fools Day, what did you expect?

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