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Mojo Bones releases their sequel to The Curse called The Voyage onto Google Play

Back in February 2014 we talked about Mojo Bones who is the company behind the mystery adventure game called The Curse. Since the company’s announcement of that game’s sequel, fans of The Curse have been waiting patiently for The Voyage to arrive onto Google Play and now the wait is over.

In The Voyage players will be thrust into the world of pirates, treasure, solving riddles and puzzles and defeating a new enemy called Captain Bodnar Bucklebeard. This isn’t exactly a short game either since it features over 100 different puzzles you will need to solve, all of which revolve around The Voyage’s cryptic puzzle book.

The Voyage Features:

– 100 pages to solve, 6 difficulty levels and 29 unique puzzles.
– Puzzle categories for all difficulty levels and ages: logic, perception, timing, arithmetic and more.
– Fully-voiced cut-scenes featuring your comical adversary Captain Bucklebeard.
– Interactive events: from preparing pirate snacks to crafty lock-picking.
– Collect map pieces and decipher clues as you aim to solve the mysteries of Velvet Marley’s lost fortune.

The goal is to live through everything and eventually retrieve Velvet Marley’s lost treasure. Before getting to that though you’ll have to collect clues, solve all those puzzles and use your treasure map in order to be successful. There’s also plenty of interactive events throughout the game to partake in such as lock-picking different locks and treasure chests. Failing at this will keep you one step behind in getting said treasure.

For those of you who enjoyed The Curse, you can now pick up its sequel The Voyage off of Google Play for $0.99. There are optional IAPs included in this game but they are not something that will keep you from finishing the game.

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