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The Mecha store is almost ready, developer pre-registration begins tomorrow

As many of you may have noticed DroidGamers was down for roughly 34 hours starting Monday morning and ending with us coming back online late yesterday afternoon. Many of you are probably wondering what the hell happened but rest assured it was nothing bad, more like bad timing as we are preparing to open up the Mecha store.

So what exactly happened? As we get closer to the Mecha store’s official launch we are preparing to make sure everything goes good with no technical problems or anything like that. For those of you who have missed us talking about the Mecha store here on DroidGamers, basically in a nutshell this will be a store for indie Android game developers to sell their games on. One of the things we are doing is upgrading our entire infrastructure in order to handle the demands on the hardware that this new store will be needing to use. We had originally planned to do everything over the night time but unfortunately our hosting company and ourselves had a little but of problem getting our timing on point.

This led to the site going down early Monday morning and once that started we were pretty much out of luck. All we could do is wait until it was finished. We had planned on posting a heads up to make sure everyone was aware that some downtime was going to occur whilst we were doing the upgrades. When the site went down early, we couldn’t post our warning about the downtime since we were caught off guard. We did, however, manage to post a bit of a heads up Monday after the site went down on our Google+ and Twitter accounts.

Now everything is done and we are one step closer to launching the Mecha store! We will be doing some final testing today and then pre-registration for Android indie game developers will open up tomorrow. Pre-registration will last about a week and the Mecha will do a soft launch to the public on April 25th, 2014. The soft launch will be open to the public to check out the store and to start purchasing whatever you want!

We will be posting another article outlining all the features that the Mecha store will have for both customers and developers. So if you are a developer interested in being on the Mecha store, get your stuff ready as pre-registration will open tomorrow. If anyone isn’t following either our Google+ account orĀ  our Twitter account, be sure to follow them as we will always post important updates and information such as this.

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