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Important job opening update, Mecha indie Android store developer registration now open and more

Last week we posted an open invitation for anyone interested in getting in on becoming a part of the DroidGamers team as a nighttime / weekend writer to submit their applications via email. Needless to say there was a huge response to this. In fact there were so many applications submitted for the two positions that we had announced as being available that we’ve decided to make five opening available instead of just two.

With that said, we have received a plethora of applications from many awesome people wanting to be a part of DroidGamers. While we would love to put the hundreds of people who applied all on staff, we can’t do that, at least not yet. This also means that it is taking us a bit longer to get in touch with everyone who applied. Rest assured though we will get in touch with every single person who sent in their letters of interest in becoming part of our team. So if you haven’t heard from us just yet, have no fear! We will respond to everyone. We are hoping to get in touch with everyone by the end of this week. Please be sure to check your spam folders! We don’t want anyone to miss any of our responses! They will be coming either from me or the co-founder of DroidGamers, Kim Huff.

With all of that said, we are officially closing down submissions for any of the available positions. If you haven’t had a chance to apply, you will have until the end of today to get your emails over to us. After that we will not be taking any more applications for any positions until we make another announcement!

In regards to the upcoming launch of our indie Android game store called Mecha. We mentioned about a week ago that pre-launch sign-ups for developers would be opening that Friday. We had to hold off on that for about a week while we got one last feature we wanted to finish actually done. So now that it is all finished up, pre-launch sign-ups are now open. Any developer who wishes to submit an application to be on the Mecha indie Android game store can do so now. Please give us 24hrs to respond back. Developer sign-up for the pre-launch of Mecha can be found here: Mecha Developer Registration Form

The Mecha india Android game store is being supported by some pretty big companies. The store will be available to use on any Android device as well as your PC and any Android game console that can access services like this. This includes the Nvidia Shield, Mad Catz MOJO and even OUYA. We will go into more detail about that in the coming days. Mecha’s soft launch will begin next week, official launch shortly afterwards. Some developers on board right now include Crescent Moon Games, Orangepixel and the Trese Brothers.

In the next few days we will be starting up our official live streaming on Twitch.TV. While we will start off doing it ourselves, we will be opening up time slots for our readers to also broadcast on our channel (applications will open soon) or join our Twitch.TV group if they have their own channel already. We will be posting a schedule in the coming days as well for our shows and future openings for our awesome readers to apply to stream on.

So enough babbling about everything that’s going on. Unless you’re a developer looking to be a part of the Mecha indie Android game store, just sit back, relax and enjoy all the new stuff heading your way! Developers interested in being on Mecha, make sure to sign up for the pre-launch!

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