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The co-founder of Call Of Duty and Titanfall opens up a new mobile game studio called Nuclear Division

There are plenty of mobile game development studios that get created every day and of all sizes, from the two-man team hoping to make it big with their indie title to sudden 100 staff member teams forming their own companies. So when there is news of a new studio floating around it is unusual, mostly in a good way, and that is the case with a new company called Nuclear Division. So what is unusual, or newsworthy, about this company? The fact that it is being created by the co-founder of the Call Of Duty franchise and Titanfall.

Vince Zampella, who is the co-founder of Call of Duty and Titanfall has teamed up with slot machine industry veteran Larry Pacey to form their new mobile game development studio called Nuclear Division. So far the company boasts a team of under twelve people but can expand at any time to over 50 if needed. Zampella’s original goal was to introduce mobile game development to Respawn but after the massive success that is known as Titanfall, he decided to split from the company so that Respawn could focus on continuing Titanfall’s development while he heads into mobile game development.

Zampella isn’t leaving the console game industry though and from the sounds of things, he is hoping that his move into mobile gaming will benefit Respawn in some way:

I would apply learnings from this back to Respawn, and I think that would help future-proof both of these companies. – Vince Zampella

Everyone we are hiring is experienced in mobile. So far, mobile gameplay hasn’t been for the core gamer. As devices get more powerful, it’s possible to bring core content to this platform. It’s becoming attractive for a lot of reasons. – Larry Pacey

So what is on the table for Nuclear Division in terms of mobile game development? Right now nothing has been announced but we can guess it’ll be pretty good. Don’t expect anything to arrive in the next month or two though, it will most likely be near the end of 2014 or the first half of 2015 before anything is released, and that is at the earliest.

Website Referenced: Joystiq

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