Day: May 13, 2014

Game News

MacGyver is back in an all new puzzle adventure for Android

Looking for a new puzzle game, well MacGyver: Deadly Descent, from FairPlay Media might be one to try. Developed ¬†with input form Lee David Zlotoff, the creator of MacGyver, Deadly Decent returns MacGyver to his roots as a young problem solver in a modern environment. That’s right the ultimate jury rigger (or jerry rigger) from the 80’s is back for a new adventure in new times.

Game News

Nintendo actually releases their first companion app onto Android for Mario Kart 8

Back in March of this year we mentioned that Nintendo was toying around with the idea of companion apps to extend the experience of their games. In that case we were talking about Animal Crossing at the time. Nintendo has long had a stanch refusal to move into the mobile market which as been reported on a few times already. However, due to a combination of terrible Wii U sales, sinking company-wide profits, and other factors, it looks like Nintendo is now finally moving into the mobile space with these companion apps and their first release confirmed as a Mario Kart 8 app.

Game Reviews

Anodyne Review: A Retro Action-RPG that made a great jump from PC to Android

Anodyne is a single-player, top-down, Action-RPG for the Android platform. I’m quite fond of this style of game as it recalls memories of playing the older Legend of Zelda titles from my childhood, where you go off adventuring through strange lands and find helpful items and interesting characters to chat with along the way. While Anodyne has these features and they really make this game an enjoyable experience to play all the way through, it also has a look and feel that is very distinct from other Action-RPGs, and is quite unique to itself.

Game Reviews

Swordigo Review: The Return of the Platformer is Finally Here

With devices nowadays becoming more and more powerful, good platformer games are harder to come by. Platformer games in the mobile segment often offer too little to get gamers hooked. It is understandable as fully-rendered 3D adventure games often offer more customization and content altogether thus increasing expectations, even for 2D platformers. Swordigo is a mobile platformer that does not fall into the same pit that most games of this genre do. The guys over at Touch Foo outdid themselves on this one as Swordigo follows the side-scrolling genre while implementing the same elements of surprise and puzzle solving reminiscent of classic platformers like the Mega Man and Tomba! series.

Game News

We would like to formally introduce you to our new writers!

Over the last couple of weeks since we announced that we are looking for writers, we’ve been going through each and every application that was sent into us. The response was, to say the least, overwhelming. This is a good thing because we had a lot of qualified applicants submit their emails of interest in writing for the site. This was also a difficult thing because we actually had to make a decision on who to take on as new writers.