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Get Five Strategy and Puzzle Games For $2.99 With iKOiD’s Latest Bundle

Normally when we report on bundles, they are of the “humble” variety. iKOiD’s latest bundle might not go to charity, but it does offer five strategy and puzzle games for $2.99 while passing on more of its profits to game developers than your average App store.

 All the apps are also ad-free and DRM free. The “Grand Strategy” bundle is iKOiD’s 12th and war games. Four of the five games fall into the strategy and war category, with Cubot Premium being the lone puzzle game in the package

1941: Is a turn-based strategy board game set in World War II that looks to share some similarities to the classic Risk. If you dig long campaigns, dice rolls and taking over or defending Europe, this could be the game for you.

Lushington Springs: is a fast paced tower defense game with 15 tower types and 15 unit types. Tower Defense games might be a dime a dozen, but this title at least has easy-on-the-eyes graphics and looks competent.

Desert Stormfront: is a real RTS game built from the ground-up for Mobile devices. This isn’t a Clash of Clans style tap-to-wait styled game, it is modeled more after Command & Conquer and the other classic PC RTS games from yesteryear.

Abalone: A deceivingly simple board game loosely based on sumo wrestling comes to Android. You win by knocking your opponent’s pieces off of the board, just like sumo wrestlers (kind of, I guess) what else do you need to know?

Cubot Premium: as the sole puzzler on this list, Cubot seems like it doesn’t belong, but it is easy to understand why iKOiD couldn’t resist putting it in this bundle. Originally funded on Indie GoGo, Cubot starts with a simple concept: simply move a block to a tile. As you likely guessed, things quickly get complicated

iKOiD’s Grand Strategy Bundle will be available for purchase until May 29thand as the name implies, it has a strong focus on strategy.

Official Website: iKOiD “Grand Strategy” bundle

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