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Upcoming MMORTS sequel Tribal Wars 2 gets some gameplay shown off finally

We’ve been covering the inevitable release of InnoGames’ upcoming MMORTS sequel Tribal Wars 2 for some time now. Closed beta registration sign-up began in December of 2013 and since then things have been a little hush hush about the actual gameplay and what it will look like. While players of the original game will have some sort of idea, those of you who are new to the franchise may not.

Tribal Wars currently has millions of players battling it out for supremacy in an ongoing struggle to control the lands your castle is located in. With massive guilds and even some insanely strong solo players, there is always a fight to be had in Tribal Wars. Like any good RTS game, players will have to build up their kingdom through learning new technology, building structures and essentially ‘leveling themselves up’. Tribal Wars 2 is the sequel to this massively popular MMORTS game which was released onto Android last year.

Tribal Wars 2 boasts improvements all throughout the game from enhanced visuals to streamlined gameplay and everything in between. However unless you’ve been in the closed beta, no one has really seen any of the gameplay, that is until now. AppSpy has filmed some of the gameplay in a demonstration at a press event and released it for all to watch. The video is a little over 10mins long and if you’re not familiar with Tribal Wars or deeply interested in RTS games, this video may seem a bit dry. On the other hand if you’re a fan of either of those two points, this is a video you’ve been wanting to see. Enjoy.

Website Referenced: AppSpy YouTube

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