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Google I/O 2014 Schedule Revealed, Focus on Gaming, Monetization and Demographic Expansion

Google’s annual I/O developer conference is nigh and this years spotlight illuminates Android gamedevelopment, growing the market and app monetization strategies. The two day event in San Francisco will offer developers an opportunity to participate in talks and workshops which cover a myriad of tech topics that drive the current discourse and direction of the software development community.

Of note at this year’s conference are three events meant to guide developers toward greater success with  their software;

– “The Next Five Billion Gamers”: a talk purposed with the goal of cultivating a culture of foresight for identifying the rapidly expanding online demographic.
– “Making Money on Google Play”: a presentation on developer success stories and the strategies which helped them obtain that success.
– “Maximize app engagement, monetization and distribution”: a seminar devoted to assisting developers with building effective monetization models and sustaining user value.

The timing of the aforementioned events are perhaps the mark of serendipity, but are more than likely evidence that Google has not turned a deaf ear to the murmurs that travel the winds of Silicon Valley.

According to Business Wire, a recent report published by ABI Research has shown that Android continues to outpace iOS in global marketshare, with some form of Android accounting for 80% of all smartphone activations during the first quarter of 2014.

ABI Research report

Forbes reports that despite Android’s commanding lead, apps published for iOS earn approximately five times as much revenue as their Android counterparts. Further adding concern is a recent article published by Venture Beat in which 176 game developers were surveyed about app monetization. Google’s position in the survey is surprising. The survey results show that after publishing 11 titles, developers are likely to part ways with Google.

With Google facing pointed criticism, wavering developer loyalties and a curious gap between market share and dollar share, the I/O topics this year seem to be an appropriate salvo for Google to launch in its bid to convey to developers that the Google Play store is a sound platform and enduring investment.

Dire as Google’s situation may seem, Android gamers can rest assured that it is not all dour tidings for the House of Page. Though Android app revenues are behind iOS, revenue growth for Android games defy all naysaying. According to analytics firm App Annie, between Q4 of 2012 and Q4 of 2013, Google’s annual game revenue quadrupled.

With the schedule laid out for this years I/O, Google seems poised to capitalize on their recent gain and push forward to capture that momentum and share it with their development partners. It will be interesting to observe whether or not developer attitudes will shift after this year’s I/O conference.

For the full schedule of events and live stream information for Google’s I/O conference 2014 you can visit the official site which is now live (for viewing and information, not ticket sales yet).

Official Website: Google I/O 2014

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