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First Person Point and Click Puzzler Pahelika: Secret Legends Coming To Android This Friday

The point-and-click adventure game Pahelika: Secret Legends, was released on PC three years ago and received mostly favorable reviews. It was then ported to iOS back in March and is now making its way to Android later this week.

The developer Ironclad posted the announcement on their Facebook page. The “Myst-like” title will be released for Android devices this Friday. Pocketgamer is reporting separately that it will maintain the same $4.99 price as its iOS release.

However, a free version of the game, with an optional in-app purchase for the “full version” released on iOS earlier this month. It is unclear if Android will get the same treatment. The game did receive some criticism for its controls when it was ported to iOS, but it is still coming in at a whole ten dollars less than the PC version, so for adventure fans, it appears to be a decent deal.

The game’s sequel, Pahelika: Revelations, has also received the mobile treatment on iOS, no word yet on if it will becoming to Android as well.

The game appears to have a more hands-on approach than the classic Myst. Unlike that game, Pahelika appears to layout the storyline and goals in a clear manner. The Myst series was famous for letting players figure it out on their own, creating one of the first sandbox-like experiences. That said, in pure gameplay terms, Pahelika does appear to resemble the classic game.

Does Phaelika look like it will scratch your adventure itch?

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