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Whispering Willows Has Finally Been Released On OUYA

It was a long time coming, but the game that won the award for most immersive game at OUYA’s GameJam competition last year, is finally being released to the public.

Like so many games these days, Whispering Willows found its funding through Kickstarter, raising over $20,000 back in March of last year. It follows a young woman whose spirit can leave her body, as she attempts to find out the secrets of her family’s Mansion while trying to save her father.

The game can be had on the OUYA store for $14.99, which may turn some off for what is officially an “Android Game.” However, Whispering Williows, which will also be released on Steam in June, utilizes beautiful artwork, fluid and professional quality animation and a haunting soundtrack in its quest to justify its price tag.

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