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Epic Games shows off some high-end mobile visuals with Unreal Engine 4

About a week ago we reported on a sort of demo game from Epic which was released onto Google Play to show the flexibility of their Unreal Engine 4 in regards to mobile game development. Tappy Bird was the full demonstration game that they released and while it may not have been a massive buffet of visual eye candy, it did do the trick in some ways to show that you don’t need to be a massively experienced programmer to use Unreal Engine 4.

This new preview (pictured below) regarding mobile game development using Unreal Engine 4 however shows off just how awesome the visuals can look if you know what you’re doing with the new engine. This isn’t a new demonstration game or anything like that, just a rendering using the Unreal Engine 4 during the development of a hypothetical game being made.

Not too shabby at all. Now if only we could get games released that look like this on a regular basis.

Website Referenced: UnrealDevsNetwork Twitter

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