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Humble Bundle for PC and Android 10 gets more games added to it including Frozen Synapse

The Humble Bundle PC and Android 10 sale just got a lot more interesting. It was already a fantastic deal with three games available for pay what you want and the critically acclaimed Breach & Clear and Skulls of the Shogun and Fieldrunners 2 along with the arcade classic Metal Slug 3 available for those who pay more than the average.

While that was already an incredible deal, Humble Bundle promised more was to come and they weren’t joking. Today, the Bundle has received the additions of Frozen Synapse, Illte Dew and the original Fieldrunners. Frozen Synapse is not only one of the most highly acclaimed Android turned based strategy games, but one of the most highly acclaimed strategy games of any platform in 2011 period. Ittle Dew is like a game heavily influenced by The Legend of Zelda: Link To The Past which should tell you all you need to know. Fieldrunners‘ addition may not be as exciting considering its sequel’s previous inclusion, but it was still a genre defining game.

The other games already included Symphony, Draw a Stickman: EPIC, and Galcon Legends (and Galcon Fusion) Humble Bundle PC and Android 10 runs for another week. All games come DRM free, are available on both Android and PC and come with optional steam keys.

Website Referenced: Humble Bundle for PC and Android 10

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