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Gameloft announces Spider-Man Unlimited, releases new E3 teaser trailer for Modern Combat 5: Blackout

As E3 2014 approaches, we’ve already reported on the fact that Gameloft has about 4-5 additional titles that they will be revealing during the big video game conference. Well it seems the company didn’t want to wait when it comes to one of those games and they have released a new announcement trailer, announcing a game called Spider-Man Unlimited.

Before you get all excited at another open world Spider-Man game, this isn’t that. Spider-Man Unlimited is actually an endless runner which also meshes some action gameplay into the mix as well as swinging on your web throughout the city. This may disappoint some people while others who enjoy endless runners will be quite happy. There isn’t a ton of details released about Spider-Man Unlimited, just the announcement trailer below.

Also coming our way today is the first teaser trailer for Modern Combat 5: Blackout. We’ve reported on just about every aspect of this game in past articles but now we finally get to see some actual gameplay and visuals. You can check all that out in the video below.

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