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It’s bundle time! Today we’ll be looking at the new iKOiD deal.

In case you’re not familiar with it, iKOiD is a game bundle site, much like Humble Bundle, except this one is dedicated specifically to Android games. The bundle offers a bunch of games (usually 5) at a fixed price and no tier-packs. Generally this will result in an overall 70%-80% discount DRM-free games for you to download and enjoy, with 14 days period for you to make a purchase if you’re interested.

Their 13th bundle, dubbed “The Lucky One” is what we’re looking at for the next two weeks. This bundle features 5 games for just $1,49. So let’s have a quick look at the games:

Dark Frontier – the highlight of the bundle in my eyes. Imagine a tower defense game, where you can move the towers at will and they can take damage from enemies. That is how I would describe it. Most people tend to mistake this for a normal RPG, but once you actually play it, you’ll see that the heroes you use behave exactly how you’d expect a tower would in a TD. I wouldn’t call it a must play game, but I enjoyed my time with it and I think most people that like the genre would too.

Hills of Glory 3D (ad-free, no IAP) – despite the Google Play description, this is in fact not a reverse tower defense game. You are a bunker, and you shoot at incoming enemy troops and vehicles using guns, mortar and air strikes. While the game itself is good, it starts really slow, which might turn off some people, but if you’re patient enough to reach the part where you unlock more guns, you’ll probably enjoy it.

Sci-Fighters – this one I have very mixed feelings for. I call it the type of game you would play with your kid (or someone not particularly into real gaming) on a tablet in multiplayer mode. Basically you pick one out of 4 characters and you outrun a monster, while using power-ups to slowdown or do other horrible things to the other players so they can get eaten first, leaving you as the winner. It’s a very simple game with no depth, so you might want to stick with multiplayer mode.

Scooter of Love (ad-free) – Flappy Bird clone with very minor differences. That’s all you need to know.

Sheep in Hell – a pretty interesting roguelite (not to be confused with roguelike). The idea is that you’re a wolf, in hell, and you murder sheep while on your way out of the randomly generated dungeon floors. It’s a pretty nice game, but while it advertises “intuitive controls”. I personally find them a bit weird (not bad, just…weird). A classic virtual stick and attack button seems like an option they should implement and leave the user to pick which is better. In any case, it’s a nice game.

For me personally, it’s a decent bundle. While it doesn’t offer what most people will call “fantastic games”, it offers pretty ok games and at a really low price (Dark Frontier alone would cost you more than this whole bundle). If you ask me, the only downside for the bundle is that it’s released at the same time as Humble’s (which is why I was so happy last week when this one was delayed).
You can check out the bundle trailer below to get a better idea of the games, or you can go to and check out individual videos and screenshots of each game.

Official Website: Ikoid Bundle #13

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