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Pigs Can’t Fly from Bulkypix drops to Android and iOS on June 12th

If you haven’t had enough of time wasting, nerve-racking, tap-to-fly games, here’s one more for you. Well, not exactly. Pigs Can’t Fly tries to reinvent the Flappy Bird genre (yes, we should call it a genre now…) by situating the tap-to-fly mechanics in 80 levels filled with traps, obstacles, and monsters.

In this game, players must guide a pig with its newly acquired wings out from hell, one stage at a time. The game does not assume a linear flying path like others before it, but rather allows upward and downward movement depending on the terrain of a stage. Mindless tapping is now set aside for a more strategic type of playing while not leaving out the usual quirky appeal of games from this genre.

Pigs Can’t Fly Features:

– Addictive & challenging gameplay
– Fly your way through 80 levels in the fiery underworld
– Avoid hazards & monsters as you make your escape
– Collect stars to unlock character skins

Pigs Can’t Fly goes on sale for $2.99 on both Android and iOS platforms starting June 12. If you’re into these types of games, this one would definitely hand you a twist without straying away from the “frustrating, but extremely addictive” experience so go ahead and give it a try.

Publisher Website: Bulkypix

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