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[Updated] Cartoon Network will be releasing a Zelda-style game called Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

The Cartoon Network looks to continue the Monsters Ate My (insert whatever here) series on Android with the release of a new game soon called Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake. There is already two Monsters Ate My games on Android so this would make the Birthday Cake eating the third game. This will be a lot different than the previous two games though.

Update June 26th, 2014 9:39am PST: Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is now available on Google Play for $4.99. You can pick it up through the link below.

Instead of a fast-paced matching game like the other two titles, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake will be a Zelda-style RPG title. In this game players will be controlling a young boy named Niko who ends up going on a pretty epic adventure through Gogapoe Island after a monster ate his birthday cake.

Like any decent RPG title, you’ll have puzzles to solve, adventures to go on and monster to deal with, all whilst enjoying as much sugar-filled goodies as possible. You will even be taking trips to outer dimensions in this game. Since this is in the style of gaming similar to Zelda, there’s also word of “secret levels, rumored play modes, and other game-related lore” in Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake.

When can you expect to see this game hitting Android? Right now there is just a general Summer 2014 time frame. No word on pricing just yet.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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