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Out There to get a big update soon called Omega

Out There is a game of surviving outer space. Players assume the role of an astronaut that has awoken from cryonic sleep, and is now located in a far away, and unfamiliar, portion of outer space. From this remote locale you venture forth, eking out your survival by re-purposing salvage found drifting through space, skimming oxygen from planets that have it, alien tech, and the like. The game is quite difficult, per the admission of the developers on their page in Google Play, with its focus being resource management and interactive fictions. This base game costs $3.99.

The developers that created Out There are announcing a free update for players on Android and iOS that’s called the Omega Edition. In reaching out to them, I was able to confirm that the release will include Fire OS as well. According to their website for this update, it should be set to arrive during Gamescom 2014, which is slated for mid-August.

Among the other additions promised, they will be adding new breeds of aliens, new ships, a new ending, more than 50 new interactive stories, and a new graphics engine for rendering uncharted planets and environments. In short, there’s lots of “new”. For players that are anxious for this release, their website is taking pre-orders for either Windows and Mac OS (purchasing either also includes the Android version for free) for a ten spot, or the same pre-order with an extended soundtrack for fifteen.

There’s also a link to a poll for fans to help vote Omega Edition on to Steam. Here’s the link for those who want to pre-order, follow the devs, or participate in the poll.

Official Website: Out There Omega

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