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Nvidia’s New Device May Be A Hybrid Of PC And Mobile Gaming

Nvidia Shield 2 rumors have been reported on DroidGamers among many other sites. The newest rumor is that Nvidia is working on something that will connect to TVs via an HDMI cable. While the Nvidia Shield is capable of this, the new device would require an additional controller, which is in line with the recent Shield Tablet rumors. However the controller is said to be a budget controller, though personally I hope they don’t sacrifice too much in the way of usability and comfort for the sake of giving the lowest price possible.

This device sounds very similar to the upcoming Steam Machine, which will work in the same fashion. News about Nvidia’s next foray into Android and PC streaming seems to be quite frequent nowadays. It is just a matter of time before we find out what is really going on. As an owner of the Nvidia Shield, I can’t help but be excited by the possibilities of what they may offer. The new device will most likely use the Tegra K1 processor, which far exceeds the power of any mobile device offerings out on the market today.

Website Referenced: CNet

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