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Kongregate releases Game of Thrones Ascent onto Google Play

Kongregate has placed Game of Thrones Ascent into Google Play, along with adding iPhone capability; iPads have had this game since March. The game is a Strategy RPG that is set within the Game of Thrones universe, where players create their own low level character, and attempt to align themselves with one of the great houses.

The timing for this setting in days leading up go the death of the Hand of the King. Players have options on what they would like their character to appear like, choose their own name, and select a brief backstory from several options that include the likes of “Highborn Bastard”, “Hedge Knight”, “Minor Noble by Marriage”, “Whisperer”, and more. Your selection there, as well as many others throughout the game, all play into your stats and guide your ending; their page on Google Play indicates that the game contains over “2,500 quests and dozens of adventures”, all depending on the decisions the player makes.

The game is free, with IAPs for “premium” features such as premium Sworn Swords, talents, items, and upgrades.

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