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Kemco drops Band of Monsters price to free to celebrate Machine Knight breaking a million downloads

Kemco has had one of their games break the covenant 1 million downloads mark and actually this is the first time the company has broken that milestone with one of their titles. The game that has accomplished this goal is Machine Knight which was released back in November 2012. So this isn’t just because Machine Knight is one of their older Android games, although it probably helps. It also probably helps that it is one of Kemco’s very few free titles.

Either way it is always a big milestone for a company to surpass when talking about download numbers. There is always something pretty awesome with having one of your games or apps breaking a million downloads. Kemco knows this as well and to say thank you to all their fans, the company is offering up one of their newer games for free.

Band of Monsters – Click to Enlarge

Band of Monsters has had its price dropped from $3.99 to free for a limited time to celebrate passing a million download with Machine Knights. For those of you not familiar with Band of Monsters, this is basically a Pokemon-esque type of game where you play as Zara, a young monster tamer who is out and about doing her thing and trying to tame monsters. She meets up with a mysterious girl named Fene who is being chased by soldiers of Ventos, who made the monsters in the world violent. You try to learn Fene’s true identity and a way to turn the monsters of the world back to normal and thus begins your adventure.

This game features over 170 different monsters you can try and tame that you can use to help you throughout your adventure. You can also try breeding them to make new monsters… or hideous abominations.

There is no end date announced for Band of Monsters and when it will go back to being a paid games. It may stay free forever for all we know. To be on the safe side though, if you do plan on picking this game up, better to do it sooner rather than later. As for Kemco breaking a million downloads with Machine Knight, congratulations to them.

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