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[Updated] SNK Playmore announces King Of Fighter ’98 is coming soon to Android

King of Fighters 98: Dream Match Never Ends was a 2D fighting game release in (surprise!) 1998 by SNK. Originally released on the Neo Geo, it later was ported to the PlayStation as well as the Dreamcast. What makes this fighting game unique is that it contains all the fighters from releases that came prior to this one, including those that had died in their story arc (which was rebooted with the subsequent release).

Update: July 25th, 2014 9:03am PST: King of Fighters ’98 is now available off of Google Play for $3.99. You can grab a copy through the link below.

SNK Playmore is announcing an upcoming release of KOF98 for Android and iOS. This game will contain 38 different characters to choose from, as well as a few tweaks to make it mobile friendly. For example, players can choose to either use the original, four-button configuration, or a newer six-button configuration that includes an “SP” button to help simplify move; having tinkered around with Samurai Shodown II on my Nexus 7, I can attest that having the extra “assist-style” buttons can help in attempting tricky button combos.

The game will also have ample Bluetooth support, both for controller support as well as for PvP matches. There are also a few different game modes: “Extra and Advanced”, as well as a training mode. No details were given to further explain them.

Given my enjoyment with Samurai Shodown II, I’m definitely looking forward to the release of this game. Now I just need to track down my USB OTG cable for my PS3 controller!

Developer Website: SNK Playmore

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