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Square Enix puts Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV on sale for 50% off

Square Enix, the company that makes all the Final Fantasy games we know and love, has put a few of their highly priced (and prized, if you ask me) games on sale. Normally, these games come in around $15 or $16 dollars, two of their offerings are now being sold for 50% off of their normal price.

Final Fantasy III is one of them, where this game was the first in the series to sell more than one million copies as of March 20003. It also is the first game to introduce Shiva, as well as the first for to allow Bahamut to be summoned. The other game on sale is its sequel, Final Fantasy IV. Selling roughty the same number of games as its predecessor, this was the first game to include the Active Battle System. There is limited game pad support for both games, and the Google Play page for Final Fantasy III indicates cloud saving for that game as well.

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