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WWII MMO War Thunder Making its Way to Shield Tablet and other K1 Devices

Previously released on PC and PlayStation 4, War Thunder will be coming to Tegra K1 devices including the Shield Tablet. War Thunder is an expansive WWII MMO that has players piloting planes on either the Allies or the Axis side.

While right now they are not player controlled, soon players will be able to drive tanks and pilot ships. The various battlefields, and vehicle option allow for large scale battles with many players controlling all aspects of the battle.

An interview with Anton Yudintsev,  the CEO of Gaijin Entertainment, talked about how only the power of the new Tegra K1 chip allows for a game like this to be possible on mobile. “Right now the only mobile hardware which is capable of running War Thunder at a really good quality level without any compromises is a newest NVIDIA Tegra K1 chip

There is no set release date for War Thunder’s mobile release. You can check out our previous coverage for more details about this game or stay tuned here for future updates.

Website Referenced:  TegraZone

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