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Humble Mobile Bundle 6 Is Out Now With Six Possible Games For You To Buy

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is now out. If you have been keeping track, and like it says in the title of this bundle, this is the sixth one specifically for mobile (re: Android devices) that Humble Bundle has released. Just like the previous ones before it, Humble Mobile Bundle 6 features three games you can pay whatever you want for plus an additional three games you can unlock.

As always the bundle allows you to choose how much you want to donate. If you donate above the average, you get more games. At any donation you will receive Eliss Infinity, Duet Premium, and Combo Crew Special Edition. If you donate above the average at the time you are buying this (currently at $4.38 at the time of this article being written), you will also get Threes!, Mines of Mars, and Joe Denver’s Lone Wolf: Full Game. As a bonus you also get the soundtracks for each game. The bundle lasts only for a limited amount of time (two weeks) so be sure to donate soon.

Next week additional games will be added to the bundle as well and if you already own Humble Mobile Bundle 6 by purchasing it now, you’ll be given access to these additional games right away. Of course this also depends on whether or not you paid above the average price for the bundle and whether or not some, or all, of these games are unlockable titles.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle

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