Day: August 15, 2014


[Updated] Coming to Google Play Next Week: Surgeon Simulator from Bossa Studios

Bossa Studios, a developer out of the UK, sent an email today about their soon to be released game Surgeon Simulator. What is unusual about the email is that the only thing included was a video. The video was made specifically for notifying us of the Android release date. It seems once the iOS version of Surgeon Simulator was released, Bossa Studios was flooded with comments on their Facebook page. People in the Android community were clamoring for the release to happen for them as well. The comments have made a difference and you will be able to play Surgeon Simulator on your tablets later next week.


Humble Bundle’s new app is now live in Google Play

For those that aren’t familiar with them, Humble Bundle provides games, books, and other digital offerings to customers. What makes them different is two fold. First, they allow customers to pay whatever amount seen fit for a bundle of games (or books, or comics, or music, or whatever), without any DRM attached. Seriously. Second, the money is divided between Humble Bundle, the developers, and charity, again with the specific amounts being divided up by the customer at the time of purchase.