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Awakening of Heroes- A MOBA Game With Scantily Clad Chimney-sweeps and Oculus Rift Support

COFA Gamers are developing a MOBA called Awakening of Heroes and in such a competitive genre they are taking measures to ensure they stand out from the crowd. The premise of Awakening of Heroes is that you plasy as just an ordinary guy or girl, and that through your battling you will ascend to be something extraordinary- which is nicely selfaware. Though with a character who is a provocatively dressed chimney-sweep to facilitate her lifestyle as a ‘nocturnal predator by night’ the idea gets a little wonky. That being said it is nice to play a game where every character isn’t just a slightly rehashed cliche from pretty much every RPG game ever. This is something League of Legends has got right, and Awakening looks to have some interesting characters- from an angry hipster to a politically charged clandestine grannny. Of course we will have to wait, or sign up for the alpha, to see if the the character design leads to interesting game play too. Awakening is coming with full support for: tablets, anything that can run Facebook games in a broswer, and most interestingly the Oculus Rift. Though the developers’ website makes no mention of mobile support the game can be seen running on what looks like an ipad 2 in the promo video below. Coupling that with the fact the Oculus Rift is coming to Android, and the fact that ‘android’ shows up in the videos’ Youtube tag cloud I think it is likely that this game will come to Android some time in the future. And we look forward to it! You can head to the website below to sign up for the aplha. Hopefully the game will be released fully soon. We will be sure to update you with any changes.

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