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Backflip Studios to release Spellfall Puzzle-RPG on Android

Spellfall is a puzzle RPG to be released on Android by Backflip Studios. For those not familiar with the relatively recent hybrid of match-three with RPGs or action games, picture the following: You’re playing a Final Fantasy, or some other RPG with a spell casting mechanic, and you decide to cast a spell in battle. Only instead of selecting a spell from a list and paying for it out of your available MP, Candy Crush pops up on the screen and you attempt to match three or more tiles a row.

Whichever icon you end up matching is the spell you end up casting, or the action taken. So, if a player were to match three fire icons in a row, a fire spell would be cast. Seriously. Loosely speaking, that’s how SpellFall will work, where you play a match-three game to determine what spell you’ll cast in battle. Beyond that, there will also be opportunities to customize your character’s costume and weapons.

SpellFall Features:

• Match 3+ Spell Tiles
• Cast Powerful Spells
• Defeat Wicked Monsters
• Equip Gear & Abilities

Backflip tends to release games for free with in-app purchases, as well as the fact that it’s already out for iOS for free, so that trend is likely to continue with Spellfall on Android. You can check out the game in action through the trailer below. There’s no release date on their website, so we just have to wait for “soon” to arrive.

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