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Retro-style arcade game Neon Caves is out now on Ouya

Neon Caves, a retro-styled arcade shooter, is now available on the Ouya. Developed by Force of Habit,there is no free-to-try option which found in many other Ouya games, but you can own it for $2.99.

The Neon Caves are a previously unexplored location the player’s research team discovers. You pilot your ship while trying to help control the “fragile ecosystem” and also dealing with the many creatures that will attempt to hurt you.

As an endless side-scrolling game, Neon Caves has a heavy emphasis on high scores. Online leaderboards are there so you can show your skills to the entire world! Or at least other Ouya owners. Achievements are also present, so there are multiple reasons to keep fighting against the nine kinds of enemies, with help from four different power-ups. Check the trailer down below to see the game in action.

Ouya Marketplace: Neon Cave

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