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Out Now in the Amazon App Store: Mad Bullets – A Lively Arcade Shooter by isTom Games

Hungarian games developer isTom Games has a few games in the Play Store. They include Paper Train Reloaded, Ship Breaker, Nyan Cat: Lost in Space, Flappy Nyan, Nyan Cat: Jump and a few others. A few months ago, they released an arcade rail shooter on iOS titled Mad Bullets. Mad Bullets became available in the Amazon App Store recently and we expect it to arrive in the Play Store soon, though no date has been confirmed at this point. The game design for Mad Bullets is a blast from the past. It is a vivid and action-filled arcade shooter that is meant to test your reflexes and visual acuity.

Can You shoot without a lightgun? Now You will! BAM BAM BAM, RELOAD! Does this sound familiar to You? If You ever been to an arcade, then You probably met with lightgun games. We too loved playing them, but nowadays we miss these stuff. That’s why we decided to revitalize this genre, by utilizing the touch screen. Because lightgun games are so responsive and asking for concentration, our best choice was nothing else, but to reach the most immersive and easiest gameplay we could get. Mad Bullets is all about that: smart, fun to play, and by offering progression, it never gets boring. – isTom Games 

Mad Bullets Features:

– Frantic endless shooter
– 3 locations
– 50 levels
– 4 minigames
– 200 missions
– 33 achievements
– Leaderboards
– fully destroyable environments
– Authentic western locations, with changing day/night cycles
– A complete mission system offering neverending fun in an endless gameplay
– Upgrade your abilities: get a bigger cartridge, increase your reload speed, obtain vulnerability, and much more

The controls are easy, tap the screen to get rid of the bad guys and tap the screen to rescue the damsels in distress. With a fully destructible environment, tap away at the screen to shoot barrels and anything else that is up for grabs, which includes your reward.

Mad Bullets is free to play, but does have in-app purchases. However, isTom Games in their Press Release says: “In fact, there is no annoying paywall in the game, so you can still have a lot of fun, even if you don’t pay for the required materials”. You can disable ads with an in-app purchase of $1.99. The version on the Amazon App Store is integrated with Amazon Gamecircle which includes leaderboards and thirty-three achievements.

Mad Bullets appears to be a refreshing take on the endless/rail shooter genre. Defend yourself against the villains and rescue those in need gunslinger. Are you quick enough? All those that love classic western movies like Magnificent Seven, Tombstone or Silverado should hit the download button immediately.

Amazon Marketplace: Mad Bullets

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