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Kemco announces their first app for Android Wear called Carbonic Watchface

Kemco, a company known for releasing retro-style RPGs onto Android, have released their first app for Android Wear. The app is called Carbonic Watchface and it is pretty much like the name suggests, a carbon fiber looking watch face for your Android Wear.

The watch face has a futuristic look which is interesting considering the company’s usual release of games happen to be all retro titles. In fact this has nothing to do with what Kemco normally does. What would be pretty cool, and actually make me want to get an Android Wear watch, would be watch faces themed around some of their games. That would actually be pretty cool.

Carbonic Watchface Features:

– Tells time in 24-hour format
– Shows date and day of the week
– Energy saving mode (two colors and no animation)

This particular watch face doesn’t have a companion app or anything else to worry about. Just install it on your Android Wear, resync it, and you’re good to go. Carbonic Watchface is available on Google Play for free.

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