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Out now: New Arcade-Puzzle Game Super Boxman by BigMoth Studios

Super Boxman is twist on the Endless Runner genre. Players assume the role of the eponymous Super Boxman who is attempting to save his village from invasion, only the invasion is in the form of weird shapes that are descending from the sky. Whereas other endless runner games are as their name would imply, this game is played in a more vertical fashion.

The shapes “fall” from the top of the screen, and Super Boxman is controlled at the bottom where he dodges them. Players move him side to side in order to keep him from being crushed by the shapes as they fall towards the bottom of the screen, always striving to maneuver the hero through a succession of openings. There are times when there is no opening at first, only later to see one appear near the last moment. During other times, the opening is a moving target to pass through, or a path that must be followed instead of a simple opening. There is both a medals system, as well as other characters to unlock as players progress through the game.

Super Boxman is available now for free, and without any in-app purchasing.

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