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Robot Dance Party Grooves from DeNA onto Android

Robot Dance Party is a new rhythm game now available on Google Play. Published by DeNA, this free to play title has you aiming for a high score in robot dance battles.

All the robots in the game are a hodgepodge of scavenged parts,  the parts you collect are an intrical part of gameplay since they determine your robot’s dancing abilities. You create your own robot and then perform in dance battles. You can face off against other players or just dance alone. Throughout the game, you can share replays of your best dances on Facebook, along with collecting special moves to help you compete.

Robot Dance Party Features:

– Build Your Bot and Your Boogie: Customize your robot with different parts for the head, arms, torso and legs. Mix and match the parts that have a built-in magnetism for certain songs to score maximum points.
– Dance Til You Short Circuit: Get down in solo mode, throw down in player versus player competitions, and relive your glory with instant replays sharable on Facebook.
– Bust a Move: Pull off a perfect dance sequence and backup dancers will slide in to boost your score. Go wild in freestyle mode and finish the dance with your own personalized strike-a-pose stance.
– Collect Special Dance Moves: Score big to unlock special dance moves that can be performed with a little rewiring, such as the Helicopter, the Spacewalk, Go Bananas, and of course, the Robot. Collect these moves and many more to show up the competition.

Robot Dance Party may be free to download but has its own in-app purchases which is pretty much standard for any game published by DeNA.

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