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[Updated] Neverending Nightmares, a horror game about mental illness, up on Kickstarter. Coming to Ouya and possibly tablets

You may see a few articles floating around other websites right now about a developer who suffered a rather big defeat with one of his other games, called Retro/Grade, but is taking another stab at it with a new psychological horror game called Neverending Nightmares. Currently up on Kickstarter for additional funding as well as Steam Greenlight for voting, Neverending Nightmare is partly based on Retro/Grade creator Matt Gilgenbach’s own experience in dealing with mental health and the dark place he was after Retro/Grade.

Update: Sept. 18th, 2014 12:52pm PST: We have just received word on when this game will finally make it to the Ouya console. While there is still no official confirmation as to when Neverending Nightmare will be arriving for Android tablets, this game will be launching on the Ouya console (and Steam) this Sept. 26th, 2014. It will be on sale to celebrate its launch for $13.49. We will post another update once it is live.

While this game explores certain mental health issues, it is coming from Matt’s own experiences and battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. The game consists of 2D black & white visuals, with splashes of red for blood, and an incredibly dark and atmospheric soundtrack. While the graphics are 2D, the developer is using 3D graphics techniques to create the more stylized look the game has. The visuals are also very vivid, graphic and twisted at times.

Neverending Nightmares will have players dealing with all sorts of nightmares and horrors. Stealth will play a large role in this game and overall the game is about exploration. The more vulnerable you are at any point in this game, the more amplified the horror in the game becomes. Working to avoid confrontation is key but if you have to fight, there are some combat mechanics to take advantage of.

Right now Neverending Nightmares is on Kickstarter looking for $99,000 in funding and on Steam Greenlight looking for votes. Right now the game is sitting at just over $32,000 with 20 days left to go. When this game does launch, it will be available for PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya. A tablet version of the game is also available which Matt mentions in an interview he just did over at the PGR website.

There is also a demo version of this game available on the Kickstarter page for PC should you want to check it out.

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