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New gamer community app GLHF – Gamers Hangout now available in the US Play store

One thing that is interesting about the video game industry is that there are communities just about every aspect of it. There are communities for games specifically, communities for platforms, emulators, modding and just about everything else you can think of that would be apart of video games. A new app has arrived on the US Google Play store called GLHF – Gamers Hangout which is geared towards not only giving gamers another place to hangout, but to also find people to play games with across all platforms.

By finding other people to play with, they mean finding people playing the same games you are and hitting them up to see if they want to group up with you. While there are some default groups available already within the app, you do have the option of creating your own for any game you are currently playing.

GLHF – Gamers Hangout Features:

– Search gamers by platform, game, age, or location.
– Found someone you might enjoy playing with? Send him a ping, or open a chat and send a message.
– Join cool groups, or create your own.

Like any good community app, GLHF (which means Good Luck, Have Fun for those of you not familiar with the abbreviation) is available for download for free. Unfortunately it is only available right now on the US Google Play store according to the developers. Hopefully it will expand internationally at some point in the future.


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