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Google Play store app updated to Ver.5, plenty of new design changes to enjoy

Google has been one busy company with the updates to their official apps over the past few weeks and this week is no different as the company has pushed out a major version update for the Google Play store application. The app is now officially in the version 5 numbering and with that you can expect a lot of changes both under-the-hood and visibly with the Google Play store app.

As most people know by now, Google is pushing out updates to their applications in regards to design, which is being called the Material Design, and the Google Play store isn’t being left out. This update brings a new icon to users for the Google Play app that features the same paper-style look to it as other app updates. This Material Design update to the visuals is also inside the app as well with new animations when accessing the slide-out menu and updated iconography throughout the app.

Google has also moved the “What’s New” section (which is basically just the changelog of updates to apps and games) to the top in each app and game listing to make it more visible and easily accessible. You also can just click Read More and have all of the “What’s New” details show up instead of having to do any scrolling.

This update for Google Play will be landing on your devices over the next few days (or weeks depending on where you live) but if you don’t want to wait, you can certainly download the APK file and sideload it onto you Android device now through the link below.

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Download: Google Play app ver.5

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