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Archos will be doing the VR thing with a headset of their own this November

Virtual Reality is certainly becoming a pretty interesting sector of the video gaming industry to watch. There are plenty of companies doing the whole Virtual Reality thing with headsets of their own. This really stems from the Oculus Rift doing so well before being sold to Facebook. Archos is planning on getting into the Virtual Reality scene with a headset as well which will be available this November.

The headset will allow for smartphones up to 6-inches in size to be attached to it. However this isn’t limited to just Android phones. While Android phones can be used, the iPhone and Windows Phone can also be used. The headset provides stereoscopic view to whatever is happening on the phone’s screen. On top of that, any side-by-side 3D content on the phone will be viewable using these glasses.

These particular glasses are not powered but even with that most Virtual Reality apps that use motion sensors can still be used. This will help give an illusion of a Virtual Reality effect even though they are not powered.

Archos plans to have these headsets available next month and will cost roughly $40. Unfortunately this headset seems like it would be overly bulky to wear and really, in the end, is attaching a smartphone to a pair of glasses really something we want to consider as Virtual Reality? This question applies to all the headsets coming out.

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