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OrangePixel’s challenging platformer Meganoid 2 arrives for the Ouya console

OrangePixel’s sequel to their original Meganoid game has made the jump from Google Play to the Ouya console today. Meganoid 2 is the company’s rather challenging platformer that has been out on Android for a bit now and can finally be played natively on the Ouya console.

For those of you not familiar with this game, Meganoid 2 features an Indiana Jones type of theme to it, where players will be traveling through caves and other dangerous areas looking for treasure. Of course there are plenty of hazards, traps and monsters that you will have to look out for. This game is very challenging so if you are looking for an easy platformer, this isn’t that game.


Of course this game features the same cool retro-style visuals that you find in all of the OrangePixel games that have been released. Depending on how well you complete each level, you will earn the appropriate star rating and trophies. There also happens to be plenty of hidden secrets that you can find along the way.

Meganoid 2 is now available on the Ouya Marketplace. If you don’t have it already for your Android device, you can snag a copy off of Google Play for free or buy the premium edition for $2.54 through the links below.

Ouya Marketplace: Meganoid 2


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