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Beach Buggy Racing gets updated for Halloween. Dress up for a chance to win Nvidia Shield products.

You may have seen us retweet about this contest from Vector Unit regarding their Beach Buggy Racing game and the company teaming up with Nvidia. Well hear are the details about this contest along with the Halloween update details for Beach Buggy Racing which you will need to know in order to have a chance at winning some Nvidia Shield products.

The contest, which is officially named the Not-Necessarily-For-Halloween Costume Contest even though Halloween is right around the corner, is all about dressing up as the characters from the company’s games in order to win Nvidia Shield products such as an Nvidia Shield Tablet or an Nvidia Shield portable unit. In other words this is a cosplay contest which is a rather cool idea really. However it isn’t mandatory that you dress up as one of the characters from their games in order to participate in this contest.


– (1) Grand prize:  NVIDIA Shield Tablet + Shield Controller + BBR “Super Pack”
– (1) 2nd Place Prize:  NVIDIA Shield Portable + BBR “Super Pack”
– (1) 3rd place Prize:  BBR “Super Pack”
– (5) Runner Up Prizes:  BBR “Bag of Gems”

Here’s How to Enter:

1) Create a totally original costume. Mondo bonus points if you use characters/cars/scenery/stuff from any of your favorite Vector Unit games like Beach Buggy Racing, Beach Buggy Blitz, Shine Runner, and Riptide GP2.
2) Take a picture of the costume. (Hopefully someone is wearing it!)

    (a)  Post the picture online (Twitter, web, etc.) with a public link, then tell us the URL in your Rafflecopter entry form (see Step 4)
    (b) Email the picture to [email protected] with the subject “Not-Necessarily-For-Halloween Costume Contest” and we’ll match it with your Rafflecopter entry (see Step 4)

3) Fill out the Rafflecopter form (on the Vector Unit website located here)!!  You must fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be considered.
4) Contest Entry Ends: Sunday, November 2, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PST

As for the Halloween update for Beach Buggy Racing, the update features plenty of in-game tuning, a new Halloween-themed car (The Hearse) is now available, a new Halloween-themed character called McSkelly is also now available to play as, and Grease Monkeys are now available for purchase as well. Besides all of these goodies, there are some additional bug and crash fixes that come along with this Halloween update as well.

For those of you planning to enter this contest, good luck! The update is now available on Google Play for all Beach Buggy Racing players to download.

Official Contest Website: Not-Necessarily-For-Halloween Costume Contest

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