Day: October 30, 2014

Game News

Pinball Arcade developers Farsight Studios releases Ghostbusters pinball just in time for Halloween

Ghostbusters is a pretty iconic franchise which is enjoyable any time of the year. However when Halloween rolls around, this franchise just seems to be better. Farsight Studios has procured the rights to develop and release a fully licensed Ghostbusters pinball table and it is now available on Google Play for free, just in time for the candy-filled holiday.

Game News

Kemco releases Asdivine Hearts so you can restore the balance of light and shadows in the world

Kemco is keeping up with the trend they have set for themselves in regards to consistently launching retro-style RPGs onto Android and today we get another one to play called Asdivine Hearts. In this game it is your goal to restore the balance of light and shadows to your world. In other words this basically means you will be taking a journey to save the world.

Game News

Amazon has a Spooktacular Sale for You! Free Games/Apps Anyone?

Android users have a choice with so many things. That is why a lot of people choose Android devices, because of the flexibility the OS provides. We have the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. Though most people probably use the Google Play Store as their primary source for apps, every now and then, if a game or app is unavailable in the Play Store, you can always check the Amazon App Store to see if it is available there. The Amazon App Store has over $115 worth of games and apps on Sale. Check it out soon, because the sale prices are good until Saturday, November 1st.

Game News

[Updated] Shred It!: Hit the Slopes in a Delightful Paper-craft Endless Runner

EM Studios (Extra Mile), based in Glasgow, Scotland, has just released their first game on iOS. They have worked for many years in the game industry, and it shows with their first title, Shred It! It is a gorgeous, paper-craft created, snowboarding, endless runner. You will be able to hit the slopes with five different adorable characters, in what is sure to be fun for the whole family. The good news is, EM Studios has told us, the Android version is only a couple weeks away.