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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare companion app is now out for Android

Activision loves making companion apps it seems and with the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare comes yet another companion app for mobile devices as well. This new companion app gives players of the game multiple tools to use while on the go which range from an emblem editor to clan management features.

The entire application is mainly geared towards clan management aspects. You can create and manage clans, edit emblems for your character as well as your clan, and then take your clan into Clan Wars in order to win in-game loot that can only be accessed through playing Clan Wars. This in-game loot is used to customize your character in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The War Room is where you keep track of your clan which includes things like the clan’s overall experience gained through matches, upcoming Clan Wars matches, and who in your clan is a top contributor. With the Emblem Editor, you can customize your own emblem as well as the emblem for your clan. Pretty self-explanatory.

Like most companion apps, the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare app is available off of Google Play for free. If you do download it, just be aware that everyone seems to be having trouble logging into their accounts right now so the app is pretty much useless until it id fixed.


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