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[Updated] Coming Soon to Android: Monzo – Madfinger Games Boxes Up a Bit of the Past with the Tech of Right Now

Madfinger Games out of the Czech Republic never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you have seen what the studio is capable of, they make a ninety degree turn, boldly blazing down a different path. We all know Madfinger Games for creating stunning graphics and compelling action in their games. Their soon to be released game Monzo, is a far cry from Samurai Vengeance, Shadowgun or the Dead Trigger series. Monzo is based on virtual model kits that you select, build, paint and share with your friends. Guess what? It looks thoroughly fascinating.

Update November 5th, 2014 1:54pm: Monzo has now arrived and is available on Google Play through the link below.

Back in the day, as a kid, there was no greater joy than being able to go to the store to pick out a model airplane, car or train to build. You would crack open the box and shortly thereafter, be mesmerized by all of the little plastic or wood pieces stuck together that you had to snap apart in just the right place so that you could begin assembling it. There were several problems you could run into, but one of the biggest was breaking or losing one of the essential parts of the model. Well, with Monzo, you won’t have to worry about losing any of those little pieces, or getting glue stuck to your fingers.

MONZO is model kit construction simulation, from where you can build a model directly on your mobile device, providing the joy of model creation with an appeal that speaks to a broad audience of gamers, spanning from children to adults. With MONZO, gamers can easily build simple or complex models.

MONZO enables the creation of highly detailed construction kits for touch devices, in an enjoyable experience of top notch visual quality that is both educational and knowledge expanding. The central component of the game is an intuitive, easy to use, one-finger control. Models of varying degrees of complexity can be created with no stress or time limit and the high quality visuals are soothing on the eye. Throughout the course of the construction process, gamers are met with highly realistic 3D graphics. – Madfinger Games

Madfinger Games has not mentioned the prices of the kits, but have said all of this will be done through in-app purchasing. After watching the initial trailer and visiting the website, the model kits that will be available include a Black Widow Motorcycle, a Colt Model 1911 hand gun, a DaVinci Collection Paddle Boat, a Steampunk or Age of Science Trevithick Engine, a Sports Car, a Drilling Machine, a Slingster Dragster and a Fire Truck. It is quite a varied offering for those that may be interested in virtual model building.

We don’t have a firm release date yet, but Madfinger Games says the game will be available for Android/iOS soon. Waiting for this one could be a challenge, but it certainly should be a rewarding experience once available. If we base our expectations on Madfinger’s successful track record for creating great games, this one should be a winner too. Take a look at the trailer that was released and head over to the Monzo website to check out the additional images. You may want to go ahead and add some more to your Google Play Credit, so you can be ready to download your first model when we update this article saying the game has gone live in the Play Store.

Official Website: Monzo

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