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Blizzard wins lawsuit against Hearthstone clone, shuts it down for good

More Hearthstone news has come to light but this time it is about that Hearthstone clone we talked about back in January of this year that Blizzard was attempting to sue to the tune of $1.65million. Well there is an update about how this case is going and it is in favor for Blizzard who has now successfully won their case against the clone of their popular TCG game.

The offending game, called Legend of Crouching Dragon, in question had pretty similar art to their cards, mostly with the frame of the monsters, and the monsters themselves, being slightly different than what Blizzard has. With that said, a lot of the card were almost identical in what effects each creature and spell that Blizzard was using. Some of the cards even look like Magic the Gathering instead.

So the final verdict is that the offending game has been removed for the app stores and shut down. Blizzard and their Chinese partner NetEase are owed $1.6million for copyright infringement and the company behind it, Unico, will be reimbursing players for money spent within the game. Interestingly enough Unico is saying that they haven’t seen any official order from the courts regarding paying Blizzard and NetEase any money, claiming that all the stories in the media stating as much are false.

Hearthstone is finally slated for release onto Android tablets this December and the phone version coming in the early part of 2015. No need to worry about clones now apparently.

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